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Uses Of Honey For The Care Of Skin And Eyes

Uses Of Honey For The Care Of Skin And Eyes


Honey is used for the cure of many diseases like weight loss, for skin beauty and it can also be used for the cure and to improve the beauty of Eyes. Many researchers have reported that honey is the best natural eye cure for eyes.

Everyone wants to look younger but eye spots are a common problem which almost appears in early ages. Due to these eye wrinkles mans and also women ages looks become greater than their actual ages. So it is very important for everyone to know how to remove these by an effective and easy way so that to improve their beauty.

Uses of Honey for the Cure of Eyes

honey is a better natural eye cure for dry eyes than artificial tears. the solution contains only 20% honey.It is very helpful for the treatment of eye infection also in its dilute form.The best way of honey for the cure of eyes is to use it in its undiluted form its is a best way but it burns also.But it is very important to know that this burns is not harmful for eyes.

When we put honey into the eyes through eye droper then eyes becomes burns but donot worry just close your eyes for few second or a minute, eye tears begins to come out. All of the dust, mud and evey smaller thing which is effecting eyes becomes out with these tears.

Mix honey into vitamin E gel and get a fine mixture,Apply it into clean dry face and leave it for ten minutes after ten minutes rins it with lukewarm water.

Mix some amount of your desire honey into egg-white, and lemon juice and apply it directly under the eyes. Let them dry so that they can work briefly on reducing the wrinkles near the eyes along with tightening the surrounding skin area.

Manuka honey, which is the best preferred honey used for skin also cures blepharitis and dry eye. Using just a tablespoon of manuka honey in boiled then cooled water and pouring it over the eyelids twice each day can treat it permanently.







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