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Harmful Risky Chemical used in Cosmetics

Harmful Risky Chemical used in Cosmetics

Every Thing is not right at all and not wrong at all. so if you’re still doing the wrong ones. But staying on the skin straight and narrow isn’t as clear-cut as keeping up a health kick. While cake and chardy are kind of obvious, some of the beauty world’s most unassuming players can undermine your youth regime. Skin absorbs up to 60% of what we put on it,( By natural skin care experts )

Some are these harmful thing which are used in our daily life makeup kit,


This ingredient is mostly used in cosmetics as a fungicide/ preservative and iclassified as an insecticide. Adverse effects on skin and eye area can be redness and a burning sensation.


Widely used in cosmetic products as an anti-microbial (preservative), his synthetic ingredient is absorbed by skin and can cause a burning sensation and general skin irritation including allergic contact dermatitis.


Used as a fungicide (preservative) in place of alcohol in cosmetic products and common in baby wipes, this synthetic ingredient can cause irritation. It’s deemed a dangerous substance in Europe.


Acts as a fixative or preservative in cosmetic products and can cause contact dermatitis and general skin irritation.


The synthetic version of urine used in skincare and cosmetics, often as a preservative. It releases

formaldehyde, which can spark skin allergies and irritation. While it is used in some therapeutic

skincare products and may be beneficial for severe psoriasis, Monet warns against long-term use.


This is also mostly used for skin diseasses also it has beneficial effect but also have some rude function.A synthetic preservative/ antiseptic corrosive to skin in concentrated form. It removes the natural protective barrier nutrients from skin and can cause photosensitivity. It’s most often found in acne products. There are suggestions that it may produce DNA damage.

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